During this time of incredible uncertainty, I am lucky enough to be graduating after 4 great years from Missouri State University this May with a BFA in Musical Theater and a minor in screenwriting.

My graduating class is awesome, and very soon we are releasing a digital version of our New York showcase, I'll provide a link to it as soon as it is finished.

Provided the world has gotten less crazy, I'll be touring with Bright Star Touring Theatre this fall.

I'm currently in the process of filming a docuseries titled, "Why We Adventure", which explores the art of exploring, delves into modern ideas of what it means to adventure, and who could, would, or should add adventuring to their list of free-day activities.


I've just recently started up a morning show style YouTube series called

The "Is It Morning?" Show?

where I sit down with artists, creators, and other imaginative insomniacs to discuss the joys, the trials, and tribulations of independent creation. I'd love to have you check it out!

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